Plants to Know Citations

These are some of the websites I looked at to learn more about and illustrate the Plants to Know. While I believe they are reputable sites, you should never ingest or use new plants without first doing your own research. Just as you might before starting a new synthetic drug, talk with your doctor and research known drug interactions before trying new plants. Always proceed with caution: test a small portion first and wait to see how you react.


Common Plants of Wisconsin – Chicory
Mother Earth Living – Herb to Know: Chicory
Ohio Perennial and Biennial Weed Guide
Edible Wild Food – Chicory


Eat the Weeds – Chickweed
Edible Wild Food – Chickweed
Minnesota Wildflowers – Common chickweed
NatureGate – Chickweed
Wikipedia – Stellaria media
Wild Edible – Chickweed


Common Plants of Wisconsin – Dandelion
National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health – Dandelion
Penn State Hershey Health Information Library – Dandelion
Countryside Daily – Dandelion Uses from Root to Fluff
Livestrong – How to Make Dandelion Root Tea


USDA National Resources Conservation Services – Impatiens capensis
Wikipedia – Impatiens capensis


Adaptive Seeds – Mugwort
Wikipedia – Artemisia vulgaris


Common Plants of Wisconsin – UWSP – Common Plantain
The Herbal Resource – Plantain Herb Uses and Health Benefits
Dave’s Garden – Plantain: Weed or Wonder Plant?
Edible Wild Food – Broadleaf Plantain
Wikipedia – Plantago
Wikipedia – Plantago major
Wikipedia – Nine Herbs Charm

Poison Ivy

Ohio Perennial and Biennial Weed Guide – Poison Ivy
Wikipedia – Toxicodendron radicans
Mayo Clinic – Poison Ivy Rash

Red Clover

National Center for Contemporary and Integrative Health – Red Clover
Wikipedia – Trifolium pratense
The Herbal Academy – Red Clover Tea
Penn State Hershey Healthy Information Library – Red Clover
Mercola – Balancing Hormones, Easing PMS and More: Red Clover Tea…

Red Dead Nettle

Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine – Purple Dead-nettle
Everyday Nature Trails – Love your weeds – Red Deadnettle
Wikipedia – Larium purpureum


Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine – Violet’s Edible and Medicinal Uses
Brooklyn Botanical Garden – Weed of the Month: Common Violet
Illinois Wildflowers: Conferate Violet
Wikipedia – Viola sororia