An image of the ceiling of the second floor of the Bush Art Center. There are rectangular windows set into a circular large cupola-type space. It is late in the day and the yellow light comes through at a slant. Leave a Comment on Falling forward
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Falling forward

Especially grateful for our students

An image of two small erasers carved for relief printing. One eraser shows the hamsa, a symbol with an eye in a hand. The other eraser shows three circles touching. Leave a Comment on Triage and Healing
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Triage and Healing

Processing things mid-summer

The sign that adorned Color Graphics Ltd. in Waupaca WI Leave a Comment on Legacy
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To keeping presses rolling

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Art & Coin-Op Commerce

A pithy video from SNC about the ART for ALL vending machine

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Social Draw

Blind contour drawing
is the practice we need.

A security pattern found inside an envelope: short stacks of parallel lines fill the plane. Leave a Comment on Screenprinting BASICS
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Screenprinting BASICS

Here’s the handout on screenprinting I’ll be giving students at Peninsula School of Art this coming week.

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Summer Screenprinting!

Screenprinting workshop opportunity

Drawing of American Ginseng Leave a Comment on Inktober 2018
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Inktober 2018

This October I wrapped up a month of daily ink drawings as part of #Inktober, a collective drawing practice shared…

A woman in an apron sweeps in front of a dark background. Leave a Comment on Everything I Say Is Art Is Art
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Everything I Say Is Art Is Art

The title comes from Mierle Laderman Ukeles’s MANIFESTO FOR MAINTENANCE ART 1969!¬†¬†which we recently read in Intermediate Printmaking. In it…

people looking at a laptop Leave a Comment on Friday in Printmaking
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Friday in Printmaking

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