An image of a piece of paper with handwritten lettering on it. The lettering says OPEN STUDIO, Friday, May 3rd, 6-9 PM Leave a Comment on Open Up
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Open Up

Community and context

An image of a red sheet of rubylith masking film with a collection of drawings of objects showing through the clear spots in the film. Leave a Comment on Chop Wood
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Chop Wood

Post holiday studio time

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The magic of showing up

An image of two small erasers carved for relief printing. One eraser shows the hamsa, a symbol with an eye in a hand. The other eraser shows three circles touching. Leave a Comment on Triage and Healing
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Triage and Healing

Processing things mid-summer

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Daily drawing for better health

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The Joy of Missing Out

It feels good not to lunge at my phone every hour.

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Digital Declutter

Starting a 30-day digital declutter in June. See you in July with my results.

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Get Down

On working through the low points

An image of the landscape from the window of a car going down the interstate. There are clouds, distant trees, and a small orange traffic construction cone in the background. Leave a Comment on Negative Space
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Negative Space

On the importance of emptiness and quiet

A woman's figure with a large brain for a head. She's wearing red boots and swinging a red purse. Leave a Comment on Sketchuary 27 & 28
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Sketchuary 27 & 28

An update on the end of Sketchuary.