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Fresh, Raw

2024: Turn, turn

An aerial image of a river cutting through land outside of Nashville, TN. The clouds are gray and backlit. The land in the distance is hazy and blue. The land up close is brown and green. It is spring. Leave a Comment on Return to Spring
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Return to Spring

Roots and shoots

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So It Goes

Metaphors abound

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Radical Spaces

Missing the house-show spots

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Keep In Touch

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William Russell Ries

I love you, Dad.

An image of the ceiling of the second floor of the Bush Art Center. There are rectangular windows set into a circular large cupola-type space. It is late in the day and the yellow light comes through at a slant. Leave a Comment on Falling forward
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Falling forward

Especially grateful for our students

An image of two small erasers carved for relief printing. One eraser shows the hamsa, a symbol with an eye in a hand. The other eraser shows three circles touching. Leave a Comment on Triage and Healing
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Triage and Healing

Processing things mid-summer

A 3 by 3 grid of small simple black and white drawings. Leave a Comment on Quarantine
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Day by day, sometimes hour by hour

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In Praise of Limits

Finding pleasure and freedom in small boundaries