Here are things to download, use and share.

If you find these things useful, if you find typos, or if you have thoughts about this work: I’d love to hear from you.

Inktober Downloads

Elizabeth Warren “bait” poster
The QR code leads to

Build a Bigger Table papercraft sheet for printing –
It’s technically a tiny table you’ll make here. Don’t think about that, just cut it out and glue it while meditating on what your bigger table might look like.

Screenprinting Basics

A non-comprehensive handout I made for a two-day workshop on Screenprinting Basics. View and/or download Screenprinting Basics here as a google doc. Plus Troubleshooting Screenprinting!

Make a Field Book – Instructions

This illustrated PDF guides you through binding a small field book for your Land Scouting observations…or whatever else you might like to put in it.