A 3 by 3 grid of small simple black and white drawings.

And just like that, almost everything was different for most of us. I’m not handling it well…yet. Seems like we’ll all have time to get better at this new normal.

As I told my students when we met on video this week: two of the things helping keep me on the level are being outside and drawing. Drawing my fears, drawing the things I look forward too, drawing to keep my hands busy, drawing with our children. It’s good in a small but profound way.

The image with this post was my art therapy for the evening earlier this week. Inspired in part by the excellent Instagram comics of Jessica Campbell, I drew three things that I freaked out about, three things that were good that day, and three things I was looking forward to.

Some details below of the things I was grateful for that day.

We tried something new with our bread and it was good.
Took the babies for a walk in the wagon.
Played with cardboard.

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