Chop Wood

A painting of two women wearing masks and looking down at their cell phones.

This October I made small daily gouache paintings. The practice was inspired by Inktober, a national, collective, daily drawing challenge I’ve enjoyed in years past. This year my images were all portraits work based on photos of people I know. Each one taught me something new. The act of showing up daily to begin and complete a small painting gave me profound satisfaction and a buzzing energy. It felt good to show up and chop wood, as my husband would say.

Some favorites below. All paintings were 7″ x 7″ on Stonehenge paper.

Incubate (model: Abigail Malcom)
Turn Away (models: Carsen Gatz and Gia Minecci)
Familiar (model: Steph Untz)
Zones (models: Emma Fry and Daijah Brown)

Author: Katie

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