Art for All Vending Machine

Rows of a glass front vending machine stocked with small books and artist prints.

We’ve just wrapped up a successful run of what I called the Art for All vending machine. It was a sort of mini-exhibit within the larger Why We Collect show, curated by my thoughtful colleague Shan Bryan-Hanson. The vending machine displayed and sold the work of 27 artists. Works included zines, prints, soft sculptures, wearable pieces, stickers, and small sculpture.

Here you can see a full list of the artists as well as images of their work in the machine. Everyone showing work in the machine agreed to sell their pieces for $5 or less. For many artists, this price point meant they were selling well below their “market rate” in order to subsidize our concept: giving people a chance to become collectors of original art.

It was a really fun project to organize and a neat opportunity to work with and vend the work of artists I admire.

Author: Katie

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