Summer Exhibitions

A screenprint of two carrots underground and with their roots intertwined. The soil around them is made up of overlapping colored marks. There's a web of thin white mycelium coming off the carrots into the surrounding soil.

I will have my work at a couple of galleries this summer. If you live in the vicinity of any of these fine establishments, please check out the shows!


at Intersect Arts Center in St. Louis, MO
June 6th – August 26th
Curated by April Parviz
I’ll be showing my recent screenprint Dependents. Here’s what I wrote about it relative to the theme of the show: Dependents is my response to imagining a better future for caregivers. While the solutions to the challenges of caregiving must be systemic rather than individualized, connection is at the core. In this image, the negative space surrounding the carrots is in fact the thing that sustains them. Closer inspection of the soil reveals a network of interconnected layers. The crux of this supportive negative space is an almost invisible printed layer of mycorrhizae, the symbiotic relationship formed between fungi and plants that supports both beyond their individual capacities.

Spring to Life

May 6th – 28th
at 311 Gallery in Raleigh, NC
curated by Lakeshia Reid
I’ll be showing a version of What You’ve Got as well as Poison Ivy (Plants to Know), a screenprint I love that hasn’t shown as much. I made it as part of Nathan Meltz‘s 2018 portfolio Machine Breakers. It is, in my humble opinion, a lovely weird print about a literally toxic plant.


with John Schuerman
July 15th – August 19th
at the Inez Greenberg Gallery in Bloomington, MN
Closing reception and artist talk: Friday, August 18th, 6 – 8 PM
This two-person show combines my work with that of John Schuerman, whose drawings, prints, and processes make me swoon. I’ll several recent bodies of work including my Plants to Know series and my pennant project, Rah Rah Nature! I’m looking forward to seeing the dialogue between our work. Come for the closing reception if you’re local to the area.

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