Summer Workshops!

It’s March now and still gray and snowy in Wisconsin. After 10 years here, I think I’m used to it. Part of what I’ve learned is to fix my vision on the distant summer horizon and make plans. I’m particularly excited this spring about the summer workshops I’ve got lined up through the Hamilton Woodtype & Printing Museum AND the Peninsula School of Art. Sign up for one, two, or all three workshops. Then tell your friends, tell your cousins, tell your colleagues, and any other art-loving folks in your life. We’re going to have a great time printing in the summer!

Make room for your YES! with this small-but-mighty card.

The No Card –
June 16th at Hamilton Woodtype & Printing Museum

In this workshop, we’ll get to play with Hamilton’s amazing collection of wood and metal type to print our own collection of (I Said) No! Cards. Read more and sign up for the workshop here.

Sample prints from Bud Ries’s “Stick-n-spray” method, one of two we’ll be exploring in the workshop.

Screenprinting at Home –
July 24 -27th at the Peninsula School of Art

Join me and my brother (Bud Ries) in learning not one, but two methods of screenprinting! We’ll have a great time building images, experimenting with printing, and making lots of cool stuff. The Peninsula School of Art is in Fish Creek, WI in Door County. Read more and sign up for the workshop here.

Make beautiful packaging for the seeds you’ve collected. Bring enough seeds to swap.

Letterpress Seed Swap –
at Hamilton Woodtype & Printing Museum, August 12

Saving seeds is radical. Now yours can be stored, given, or traded in fancy-fine letterpress packaging. Read more and sign up for the workshop here.

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