Speculative Futures

At the end of 2021, Carrie Scanga and I organized an exchange portfolio in conjunction with the 2022 annual conference of the Southern Graphics Council International. We invited “printmaking caregivers” to make prints sharing their visions of the future. Since then, the project has been a source of joy, comfort, and inspiration.

I had the distinct pleasure of receiving the prints by mail and assembling them, with the beautiful colophon printed by the Ascensius Press, in gorgeous cases made by Strong Arm Bindery. Carrie was the one who suggested we work with Ascensius and Strong Arm and I’m so glad we did. Their excellent craft is a physical signifier of the value we place on these prints and the artists who made them. In addition to the colophon and case, we were thrilled to include in the portfolio an essay by labor historian Jessica Wilkerson.

Many thanks to these printmakers for sharing their work and vision with us. I look forward to seeing what comes next out of our work together.

Stephanie Carpenter
Jessica Owings Crouch
Mary Hart
Brooke Ann Inman
Genevieve Lowe
Kelda Martensen
Sandra Murchinson
Emily Orzech
Ellen Shattuck Pierce
Katie Ries
Carrie Scanga
Carolyn Spivak
Freda Sue
Reproductive Media (Cayla Skillin-Brauchle and Danielle Wyckoff)

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