At the end of the fall semester, the students in my beginning printmaking class chose to do an exchange portfolio for our screenprinting project. After several rounds of suggestions and voting, we settled on the theme of rest. Their responses to that theme were varied. Some made images of bodies at rest, other of restful places, objects, or situations. I based my print on a photograph my then 2-year-old took of me with my phone while I slept. It felt like an urgent and timely topic, and now as we head into the spring semester, I’m thinking about it again.

We will begin the spring semester with a prudent two weeks of remote teaching. I’m sure we’re all tired of zoom, tired of masking, tired of social distancing. We’re tired of COVID and the uncertainty that attends it. And yet, and yet. And yet on we go, doing “normal” things like assignments and laundry. How in the midst of this to find rest? Or if not rest entirely, which I don’t know that I can supply to my students, a little more stability and flow.

I hope that our time in the classroom can be part of that. That the camaraderie and shared purpose in the studio can be energizing and healing. It is for me and I hope it will be for my students this semester.

Lay Down, screenprint on paper, 12.5″ x 19″, 2022

Author: Katie

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