This month’s list of drawing prompts was sourced from friends and students. I’m repeating the materials (gouache) and scale (7″ x 7″) I used in October. It feels good to return to the practice of making small things daily. Especially now as I’m processing my grief, feeling the winter stretch out ahead of us, and dwelling in the anxiety of our global pandemic. I am amazed to see the way the paintings shift even over a short month. Themes emerge that I did not anticipate.

In the past I’ve enjoyed selling the drawings throughout the month as I made them. This year, I plan to keep the group together for a while to see what else I can learn from them and if I might exhibit the group together. The 28 days of this month will make for a pleasing tight 7 x 4 grid.

Some favorites daily “sketch” paintings below.


Author: Katie

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