Sketchuary 1 – 7

A gouache painting of pine trees at dusk. The sky is sort of pinky-orange-white behind the trees.

We’re over halfway through Sketchuary. You can see the full roster over on my InstaWham, but here are images from the first week. For the most part, I’m loving working in gouache, especially the practice of underpainting. As always, the serial-ness and public posting of this practice are good motivators. It’s also helping me tune into the struggles of my students in ART 389 who are just wrapping up an intro assignment with gouache. So far, I’ve made a couple paintings I really like. I especially do not like #7 – repeat, but that’s ok. Is good to make bad things sometimes; just get them out of my system.

A landscape with a frozen lake and a distant lighthouse. In the foreground are some scrubby brown bushes.
1 – cold
A loose gouache painting of two small people descending a staircase. They are viewed as if from the top of the staircase.
2 – step
A group of star-like white dots on a purple background. Each of the white dots has a magenta halo surrounded by a lavender halo.
3 – wish
A loose painting of a statue mid-tilt as it is pulled off its pedestal by a rope that extends off the page. Three small figures watch from the ground.
4 – raze
5 – dusk
A loose painting of a skull on a green gridded cutting mat with a purple background.
6 – container
A loose painting of plaid stripes.
7 – repeat

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