Sketchuary 2019

An image of sketches on paper showing seed bombs and color swatches

This February I’m going to embark again on the daily drawing practice of #sketchuary. I’ll post a list of optional prompts here (and on Instagram) and invite you to join in as you’re able. If daily drawings are too much, do every other day. Or weekly. If drawing’s not your practice, make collages, write lists, or sculpt models. The beauty of this exercise is the digital camaraderie – enjoyed via hastags, so be sure to tag your work with #sketchuary – and the surprisingly challenging task of showing up, every day, and making something rough and letting that be enough.

For those who take inspiration from reading, I recommend Anne Lammott’s essay, “Shitty First Drafts” from her book, Bird by Bird. For those who lack the time to find that book and read the essay, here’s the gist of it, tweeted by Lammott herself.

Author: Katie

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